800 TeleServices Wins Praise For EMIS System At BOMA 2018

On September 14, BOMA 2018 was held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. This expo brings together many renowned domestic property companies and service companies, and as a property service enterprise that joined the industry in recent years, 800 TeleServices was invited to participate in the event.

For the first time participating at BOMA, 800 TeleServices showcased the “new generation” of property management process information service solution – EMIS, developed using the years of experience in providing professional customer service for the leading real estate property managers and developers at home and abroad.


During the event, 800 TeleServices' products saw rave reviews, and was immensely popular. EMIS's unique property closed-loop management approach (work order circulation, asset management, repossession services, inspection services, energy management, report management, environmental improvement) caught the attention of the attendees, and many people praised the characteristics of EMIS, being “digitalization, streamlining, transparent, and mobile”.


Furthermore, EMIS' Environmental Improvement aspect, the Air Halo medical grade air disinfection machine series, also became a hot topic at the expo. Air Halo is a unique high-frequency plasma Plascide® air purification tube technology that purifies the air and can instantly kill bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air – a one-time purification of the source of diseases that removes the element of secondary infection sources that happen during the replacement of traditional filter technology. Apart from sterilization, the molecular structure of formaldehyde is also broken down, making the area of use formaldehyde-free, and is also usable in areas with dense crowds.

For 800 TeleServices, EMIS is just the beginning. Upholding the company spirit of “Experience, Innovation, and Heart-to-Heart Communication”, 800 TeleServices will continue to provide various professional services for customers in different fields, solve customers' existing problems, and strive to develop more, better and better products.

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